drop it to the ground

I have been a studying machine this week. I must attribute my sanity to the help of Girl Talk’s new album All Day.

Download it for free! And don’t feel bad about it, he offers it for free on his website because he is cool like that. Seriously,  do it now. It may turn your frown upside down. If not, it will definitely make you want to dance.

And that’s all that is really important, right?



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Oops I did it again…

I went MIA again. Sorry, life has gotten crazy again!

Quick catch-up of the past few months…

I started class (and am almost done with this semester…crazy!)
I started my internship at Girls on the Run and just finished the 5K race event (it is an awesome organization, if you haven’t heard of it check it out)
I have kept my job and Chaifetz arena and have worked many hours at Billiken games and random concerts such as Further and Bob Dylan (Oh yeah, I also met Bob!)
I have been on the Leadership Team at Campus Kitchen and went to Waco TX for the annual Hunger Summit.
I ran my 3rd Half Marathon.
I went to Chicago for Halloween.
I am going home for Thanksgiving in less than a week!!

Lately, I have cut back my running due to some minor injuries and feeling a little exhausted from all of the training I have been doing this past year. Three half marathons in 6 months!

But, today I did something a little crazy… I signed up for not one, but TWO triathlons for this summer. I will be abroad next semester studying in Switzerland and wanted a new challenge to come home to keep me busy and active next summer. I am still on a job hunt, but at least I have my hobby set!

Gotta go back to studying…


Stay Classy!


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quote of the day

I was reading some of my favorite blogs and came across these “universal truths” –
1. You are exactly where you are supposed to be
2. Fear and pain are life’s greatest teachers
3. Laughter and play are the keys to the fountain of youth
4. Exercise and rest are the keys to vibrant health
5. Touch and intimacy are basic human needs
6. Everything is impermanent
7. Everything is connected

Interesting to think about.

I am headed to Waco, Texas tomorrow for the Campus Kitchen Fight Poverty Convention. I am very excited to meet the founder of The Campus Kitchen Project and fellow campus volunteers from around the country!

Oh and I have my next half-marathon in less than two weeks!

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these are my confessions

I would rather run 10 miles than 3 miles.

Sometimes my easy 3 mile runs are just harder than my 10 mile long runs. You know you are crazy when a 10 mile run starts to become normal. With a 35 mile week last week, I thought for sure my legs would be sore and hurtin’, but they are as good as ever! I have my next half marathon in a little less than a month, so I am focusing now on holding my mileage and staying healthy before the race.

I crave guacamole every day.

I made a batch of guac this weekend and ate the whole whole thing by myself. I tend to lick the bowl clean, even with friends and family around me, and sometimes at restaurants when no one is looking.

I really don’t like reading the newspaper.

I will read books and magazines, but the newspaper is so hard for me. This sounds pathetic and it is. I end up doing the puzzles in the back and skim over the entertainment section. #fail.

I think my parents are cool.

I like to run in the rain.

I just started wearing deodorant last year. I am 20 years old. (sorry mom! and everyone else I know!)

I am addicted to j crew and anthropologie. I have considered starting a savings account to afford my grown up wardrobe after I graduate.

I want to start my own ice cream company.

I also want to start my own online grocery store in Kansas City to supply homes with the freshest and most local ingredients the city has to offer!

I can twist my right arm around 360 degrees.

I want to marry a man with an accent. Maybe I will meet a cute swiss guy next semester?

I hate doing push ups.


lil wayne is my favorite artisit.


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fall into automn

Fall is my absolute favorite season. While yes, I do love those beautiful spring mornings and the late summer nights, Automn trumps them all. I love the transition to the cooler temperatures and, of course, the changing colors of leaves. But the main reason fall is my favorite? The fashion of course!

I think fall is the most fun season to play around with your wardrobe, as my favorite outfit is something comfy and layered. The summer uniform of shorts and a tshirt gets so boring, but fall lets you mix and match different patterns, colors and materials without needing a heavy coat yet. Some of my favorite fall items include my leather riding boots, scarves and cardigans!

I joke that the only religion I believe in is Anthropologie, but I really do think they capture the best fall has to offer. Here are some new looks i’m drooling over (jk..but seriously):

I think Anthro’s visual displays are just so cute, I could spend hours in the store but I try to limit myself to a graze. Whatever my future career entails, a pt job at Anthro is a must.

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Oh the college life

So this is my first semester of college living in my own apartment without a meal plan from the university. While this is great for me (i had enough money left over last semester for campus food to buy an ipad) it is still hard to get used to. While I love to cook and bake, having time to do these things is rare during the week.

This week I tried to mentally prepare meals in my head throughout the day so I could prevent the blank stare into my pantry and fridge, but it is still a struggle to come up with 3 meals a day! Here are some simple meals I eventually came up with that lasted me throughout the week:

Greek Quinoa Salad – made enough to have leftovers twice!

Chickpea Lettuce Wraps – filling and easy to assemble

Salmon Burgers – bought frozen from Sam’s Club

Pasta – Made the whole bag and added different flavor combos throughout the week (marinara, butter and cheese, veggie… hot and cold)

Any other college friendly recipes you want to share?

PS – It is fig season!! Second favorite seasonal fruit, honey crisp apples are around the corner!

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And so it begins

Monday began my first day of Junior year at SLU. Pretty weird that I only have two years left of college, and only 1.5 years left at SLU since I will be abroad next semester. So far I am loving all my classes and my schedule. I have continued my internship with GOTRSTL and had a fun time meeting all the new coaches at the training this past Sunday. GOTR is a great organization for young girls and women who support giving confidence to young women as they mature in a world full of negative body image problems.
Another huge part of my life has been directed towards sorority recruitment. Practices are every night for 4-5 hours at a time and for someone who gets up early to run in the morning, it is getting a little exhausting. Good news is I have plenty of time in the mornings now so I can sleep in if I need to! 🙂

Hope you are enjoying the end of summer!


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