While the sky is clear and sunny, I am freezing my butt off over here! Woke up early to study for an exam, but made some oatmeal and coffee first to get me going. Although I do prefer stove top oats, I have been getting used to my microwave oats that aren’t really that bad – but multiple packets are necessary!!
Test went okay, I was rushed at the end which I hate because I know I overlooked some things but it’s done and over with.
For lunch I grabbed a salad at the bschool – the ladies at the cafe always comment on how crazy my salads are – spinach, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, walnuts, hummus with mustard dressing. I think it is yummo!
Dreading my ITM class but good news….I might have an apartment for next year! Moolah apartments offered us a place today and I am going to check it out with my friends to see if we should accept this offer. Exciting!
Campus Kitchens will take up the rest of my day and looking forward to hw and tv time tonight.

Catch ya later

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