Spring showers bring…

Palm trees?

SLU got into the summer spirit by kicking off the new month with palm trees. I found this to be hilarious, and of course had to snap a picture with my phone. Really?
Finals week officially begins tomorrow. I cannot express to you how tired of the classes I am taking, after these next 6 tests I will be so thankful to be done with this semester. Don’t get me wrong, it has been nice to be busy and involved but 18 credit hours plus 20 hour work weeks just do not get along. Looking forward to summer vacation and a lighter load next semester!
Off to hit the library for some one on one time. Here is my check list, at least one thing is completed 🙂

Happy May Day!



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2 responses to “Spring showers bring…

  1. it was great meeting you too lauren!! good luck on those finals! im sure you'll do great and they'll be over before you know it 🙂

  2. soon baby soon. check out Diva's 1/2 marathon on Long Island is October!!! Unfortunately it's October THIRD – seems there's something else on the calendar that day. Hmmm wonder what it could be.???

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