First Hot Yoga Experience

I am trying out a new yoga place in Kansas City called Yoga Fix. They are having a special new student package of one month unlimited yoga for $30! My first class was yoga flow, which was a slow paced class led by an Australian man that was really relaxing (maybe it was his accent? 😉 ) I decided to try their hot yoga on Sunday afternoon, and let me tell ya, it kicked my booty!
I really didn’t know what to expect, I brought the essentials I thought I would need – small towel, water bottle, mat – but this class was intense! I was sweating bullets 3 minutes into it and my mat eventually became a slippery mess (I need to get one of those mat blankets I spotted other yogi’s using) The instructor was ruthless, but I liked how fast paced it was. I felt like I got a really good strength workout, something I am trying to add into my running training.

Someday maybe I will be at this level:

but right now I am at this level:



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5 responses to “First Hot Yoga Experience

  1. so cool! i keep wanting to give hot yoga a try but i have to admit im a bit scared of it. gotta brave up and just do it!

  2. LOL. I love your picture of what level you are at vs. what you want to be. :)I love hot yoga! I've only done Bikram but would love to try a hot yoga power flow or something.

  3. I've never tried hot yoga, but knowing how overheated I get while running, I'm sure I would have been a dripping mess! Glad you enjoyed it, though! Congrats on finishing all your finals and everything!

  4. Haha – funny pictures!I also really really want to try hot yoga because I think I would feel amazing afterwards, but I am somehow too chicken to do it. Yikes!

  5. Mom

    I believe a certain someone gave you a full sized towel to use in the class — someone who has had experience with hot yoga classes. Hmm, I wonder who that was?

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