Today I took a quick day trip to Lawrence, KS to pass out some race flyers with my dad. I have a love/hate relationship with this town since I am a MU fan, grimacing at every Jayhawk store, but I have to admit that I really like the town itself. The townies are layed back and the main street is lined with fun shops and interesting restaurants. By lunch time we were starving so we hit up a restaurant I had looked up (classic blogger right?) called Esquina. Oh man, it did not disappoint. They call themselves a “upscale taqueria” with a menu of interesting and veg friendly tacos like potato and chorizo tofu.

I ordered their fish taco a la carte with their special grilled corn on the cob. Mmmm, it was a food coma kind of a meal. The real star was the house salsa which was spicy but not too spicy. They make their own chips also, but I found them to be a tad too greasy (didn’t stop me from eating them though 🙂 ) Overall, I really liked this place. Simple concept but diverse options, can’t wait to return!

The last photo would be my dad’s massive burrito, which he also enjoyed!

If you happen to be in Lawrence as a non-Jayhawk fan, I suggest going here for a satisfying meal. If you are a Jayhawker, you only deserve taco bell. (I kid, I kid)


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