sometimes i just like to browse the interet for pretty things. i’m the kind of girl who changes my desktop background image at least once a day, would wear a different handbag everyday if i had the option, could change into multiple outfits a day and will probably redecorate my first abode a rediculous amount of times before i decide i really like it. maybe it’s because i can’t make up my mind, but i think it is that i have made up my mind – i just like too many things!

here are some of my bookmarked items lately, completely random (just how i like it)

i would use a type writer for the rest of my life if it would mean i could…

replace Jenna , j crew’s stylist from Jenna’s picks…

but only if i get her shoe closet…

and travel to paris on a weekly basis…

and eat these for breakfast…

and marry him…

that’s all i ask.

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  1. I miss you dearly! I’m sad you moved blogs! I don’t know how to follow you from my other blog. What happened?

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