not a fan

while i have learned a lot about barefoot running and the importance of letting you feet feel natural on the ground, i am not comepltely convinced.

1. they creep me out. i was in the mall and some guy who was wearing a pair came up to my friend and i and yelled “i saw you checking my feet out are you jealous?” me – no. i just think you look ridiculous.

2. do i want to be barefoot? the lack of arch support scares me and i don’t even like to be barefoot at home, let alone walking around the city.

3. i am nervous my toes won’t fit in them. ok, i said it. i am self conscious about my long toes.

4. when it gets cold, will people be wearing them with toe socks? if so, i’m not ok with that.

5. again, they creep me out.

maybe i am just not trendy enough?

**photos from google, not my own.

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