these are my confessions

I would rather run 10 miles than 3 miles.

Sometimes my easy 3 mile runs are just harder than my 10 mile long runs. You know you are crazy when a 10 mile run starts to become normal. With a 35 mile week last week, I thought for sure my legs would be sore and hurtin’, but they are as good as ever! I have my next half marathon in a little less than a month, so I am focusing now on holding my mileage and staying healthy before the race.

I crave guacamole every day.

I made a batch of guac this weekend and ate the whole whole thing by myself. I tend to lick the bowl clean, even with friends and family around me, and sometimes at restaurants when no one is looking.

I really don’t like reading the newspaper.

I will read books and magazines, but the newspaper is so hard for me. This sounds pathetic and it is. I end up doing the puzzles in the back and skim over the entertainment section. #fail.

I think my parents are cool.

I like to run in the rain.

I just started wearing deodorant last year. I am 20 years old. (sorry mom! and everyone else I know!)

I am addicted to j crew and anthropologie. I have considered starting a savings account to afford my grown up wardrobe after I graduate.

I want to start my own ice cream company.

I also want to start my own online grocery store in Kansas City to supply homes with the freshest and most local ingredients the city has to offer!

I can twist my right arm around 360 degrees.

I want to marry a man with an accent. Maybe I will meet a cute swiss guy next semester?

I hate doing push ups.


lil wayne is my favorite artisit.


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3 responses to “these are my confessions

  1. mom

    you know, I think people from St. Louis talk funny. Maybe that’s your “man with an accent”

  2. lovin’ this especially the deodorant!!! haha

  3. and the man accent from stl might just suit you! 🙂

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