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drop it to the ground

I have been a studying machine this week. I must attribute my sanity to the help of Girl Talk’s new album All Day.

Download it for free! And don’t feel bad about it, he offers it for free on his website because he is cool like that. Seriously,  do it now. It may turn your frown upside down. If not, it will definitely make you want to dance.

And that’s all that is really important, right?



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Oops I did it again…

I went MIA again. Sorry, life has gotten crazy again!

Quick catch-up of the past few months…

I started class (and am almost done with this semester…crazy!)
I started my internship at Girls on the Run and just finished the 5K race event (it is an awesome organization, if you haven’t heard of it check it out)
I have kept my job and Chaifetz arena and have worked many hours at Billiken games and random concerts such as Further and Bob Dylan (Oh yeah, I also met Bob!)
I have been on the Leadership Team at Campus Kitchen and went to Waco TX for the annual Hunger Summit.
I ran my 3rd Half Marathon.
I went to Chicago for Halloween.
I am going home for Thanksgiving in less than a week!!

Lately, I have cut back my running due to some minor injuries and feeling a little exhausted from all of the training I have been doing this past year. Three half marathons in 6 months!

But, today I did something a little crazy… I signed up for not one, but TWO triathlons for this summer. I will be abroad next semester studying in Switzerland and wanted a new challenge to come home to keep me busy and active next summer. I am still on a job hunt, but at least I have my hobby set!

Gotta go back to studying…


Stay Classy!


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